Solar Panels for Pools

Heat Your Pool for Less

Solar Panels for Pools

A solar heating system for your pool will pay for itself in one or two years. They are much more cost efficient than pool heating systems using fossil fuels. Now you can extend the use of your pool by heating it for less.

Two kinds of pools can be solar heated–seasonal outdoor swimming pools and indoor year round swimming pools. A solar pool heating system can raise the temperature of the pool up to 15 degrees above ambient. If a pool cover is used, the temperature can be raised by another 10 degrees.

There are more square feet of solar swimming pool collectors installed per year than all other solar thermal collectors combined. These are very popular solar heating systems because they are so cost effective. These systems use collectors made out of polypropylene plastic and the piping is PVC. These systems typically consist of solar collectors, piping, a controller and a diverter valve. The pool filter pump usually circulates the water through the collectors.

Solar Pool HeatingAll Northlake Solar thermal systems meet US SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation) standards and come with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty.

Northlake Solar works with Solar Industries ( for pool heating. Introduced in 1976, Solar Industries set the industry standard for the modern day swimming pool solar heater.

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