Solar Thermal Systems (Solar Water Heaters)

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Solar Hot Water HeatersSolar thermal systems are solar energy systems that heat water from sunlight.

Solar hot water heaters can provide up to 90% of hot water needs over an entire year. The remaining 10% is provided by an electric backup element in the storage tank.

Heating water from sunlight is ideal for the Southern US since there is plenty of sun all year round.

Solar thermal systems consist of flat plate collectors (mounted on the roof), a water storage tank with an internal heat exchanger, a pump circulator, temperature controller, temperature sensors, miscellaneous gauges and fittings.

There are many different types of systems available on the market. The two most common and most effective systems in our area are the closed loop, indirect, drain-back (DBS) system and close loop, indirect, pressurized system. Both systems work well, are effective and last for a long Solar Water Heaterperiod of time.

In simple terms, a heat transfer fluid (water) is pumped through the collector, gets heated and travels back to a heat exchanger in the storage tank where it exchanges the heat with the potable water, and returns to the collector.

Northlake Solar works with reputable manufactures such as:

  • Alternative Energy Technologies (AET)
  • Rheem Solar
  • Schuco Solar

*Savings are approximate and based on average usage and costs. Based on the 2011 rate of inflation.

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