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Slidell is a beautiful Louisiana city founded in 1882 with a rich history of manufacturing and technology.  These roots contribute to the willingness of Slidell residents to embrace new solar technologies from full home solar electrical systems to solar powered attic fans.

Many homeowners living in Slidell  can now take advantage of attractive federal and state incentives available with solar installations including solar attic fans, solar water heaters and total electric systems.   We at Northlake Solar have seen fist-hand that there is a real commitment to the environment in Slidell, and dozens of homeowners are saving money every day with solar energy.

Slidell Solar PanelsWe thank you for taking the time to begin learning about the benefits that a solar installation can generate both economically and environmentally for residents of Slidell. If you are interested in solar energy for your home, or if you would like to have your questions answered by a friendly and knowledgeable professional, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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