Louisiana Solar Savings – Cut Your Energy Costs Now.

You can pay only 20 cents on the dollar with the generous tax incentives available, but no one knows how long they will last.  Now is definitely the time to invest in solar.  And you can start with a very small investment by just installing solar attic fans and then add on as you wish.   Call us for details.  985-893-1818.

How much can you save with solar?

Now you can help save the environment and cut your energy costs at the same time. With the incredible tax incentives available from both the State of Louisiana and the federal government, you can reduce the cost of your new solar equipment by up to 80%. You start saving on electricity costs immediately and can expect that your total installation costs will be paid back in just a few years, depending on what type of system you install.


Calculations are based on a total solar electric system with 100% electricity offset.  Examples above are based on the assumptions shown and current energy costs.   Installation costs are approximate.  Actual savings will vary based on individual energy usage.

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